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Charmo University, a step towards a great work

posted Feb 17, 2019, 11:24 PM by Sonia Faruq Hasib

On 12th Feb 2019, a team of Charmo University visited the remaining places of Anfal in (Sarqalla village) near Sangaw area. The team was supervised by Dr. Omed Qadr Ameen, the Dean of the Research Center. Dr. Talar Salar, the head of the Research Center for Crimes of Anfal and Genocide. Dr. Huner Ameen, professor of international crimes, and the employees of the research Center for Crimes of Anfal and Genocide. Also, some of the residents and witnesses of Anfal were there.                                                                    

 This place was an Iraqi military place that belonged to Baas Regime. In 1988, the people of the villages near this area were arrested by Iraqi Regime and they were sent to prison for a while. Then, they were taken to Chamchamal, Topzawa, and Nwgra Salman prisons. After that, they were buried alive in the deserts of Samawa, Nwgra Salman and Ar-Ar just because they were Kurdish. For this reason, Charmo University attempts to Check the traces of Anfal and then do scientific research on them. These remnants must be protected and preserved because they are evidences of those atrocious crimes that were committed against the Kurds.                                                                                                        

 Dr. Huner, professor of international crimes, stated that these crimes is similar to the Nazi's plans against the Jews in the Second World War. Iraqi Regime's plan was to destroy a large area in a shortest time. He also mentioned that these places are good resources for the researchers to do their researches in these areas. Luckily, Charmo University has a research center to investigate these crimes. Also we intend to visit other areas of Kurdistan that have been destroyed by Iraqi Regime.                                        

It’s also worth mentioning that Sarqalla village is located in the south of Sangaw area of Chamchamal- Sulaimaniya city.