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Certificate Giving Ceremony

posted Jan 19, 2019, 11:41 PM by Sonia Faruq Hasib   [ updated Jan 19, 2019, 11:43 PM ]
The language center of Charmo University held a certificate giving ceremony to the participants of the English Language course.The ceremony was held to mark the achievements of the students and celebrate their success. 

Graduation ceremony

 1.1 The ceremony
First of all, the ceremony took place in the Research Center building. It was organized by Ms. Khelan and supervised by Dr. Omeed Qadr. Then, the ceremony started with a speech by Dr.Omeed Qadr Ameen, The dean of the Research Center, who talked about the amazing progress the students have made and praised the students for having accomplished the course successfully. He also talked about the importance of English Language in every field of study. Then the participants received their certificate.

2.1 The course information

It's worth mentioning that the course was for the Elementary level. The number of the learners who had taken part in the course was 13 learners. In addition, they completed 60 hours of study and studied four days in a week. Further, the course was taught by Ms. Khelan Salih, a qualified and experienced teacher. 

3.1 The course book
 The course book that was used by the teacher was Face to Face/ Elementary level. The teacher of the course Ms. Khelan, mentioned that this book is :

3.2 Engaging 
Good text books give texts which are relevant to the students.So, texts must stimulate our students.

3.3 Informative
A good text book tells youthings tyhat you don't know. It improves your general level.