فۆرمێ تایبەت بە پرۆژەی توێژینەوەی

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مامۆستایان و توێژه‌رانی زانکۆی چه‌رموو

 سەنتەرەکەمان (سەنتەری توێژینەوەی زانکۆی چەرموو بۆ تاوانەکانی ئەنفال وجینۆساید) هه‌نگاو به‌ هه‌نگاو ده‌ستی کردوه ‌ به‌ گه‌شه‌کردن. بە مەبەستی هەماهەنگی کردن لە نێوان توێژەران و پرۆژەکانیان وە هەروەها هەماهەنگی کردنی  زیاتر لە نێوان سەنتەری توێژینەوە و توێژەران ،سەنتەری توێژینەوە فۆرمێکی تایبەت بە پرۆژەیی توێژینەوەی ئامادەکردووە. تکایە بفەرموون بە پڕکردنەوەی فۆرمەکەو گەڕاندنەوەی فۆرمەکە لە ڕێگەی ئەم لینکەی

دوابه‌دوایی گه‌شتنی فۆرمه‌که‌ گروپێکی دیاریکراو له‌ سه‌نته‌ر هه‌ڵده‌ستێت به‌ کۆکردنه‌وه‌و هه‌ڵسه‌نگاندنی پرۆژه‌کان و وه‌ دانانی میکانیزمێک بۆ یارمه‌تیدانی توێژه‌ران له‌ جێبه‌جێکردنی پرۆژه‌که‌یاندا.


إلى جميع الباحثين بجامعة جةرموو والآخرين بجميع الأماكن

بدأ مركزنا (مركز الأبحاث بجامعة جةرموو لجرائم الأنفال والإبادة الجماعية) بخطواته العلمية والعملية لتطوير المركز من أجل تكوين علاقات بين الباحثين ومشاريعهم، ولتطوير العلاقات بين المركز والباحثين ، لذلك أعدنا لكم استمارة خاصة بالمشاريع المخصصة التي تقدم للمركز، نرجوا من حضراتكم أن تملوا الإستمارة وإرسالها عبر هذا الموقع:

سوف تقوم لجنة مخصصة من المركز بجمع وتقييم المشاريع المقدمة ووضع نظام خاص بها لتحقيقها.


Dear all Teachers and researchers at the Charmo University  and the other places.

In our center (Charmo University Research Center for Crimes of Anfal and Genocide) we started to regrow step by step in the right way to develop our center. To find a proper way to get  more engagement between researchers and their projects as well as to initiate collaboration between the centre and the researchers across the university, a research project proposal form has been made to gain the centre’s goal in serving the martyrs. Here is the link of the form please can you fill the form and send it back to us.

A staff at the centre will collect all the projects and try to make a plan to find a best way to help the researchers to implement their projects.


Opening the research center for crimes of Anfal and Genocide

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On 2nd December 2018 Mr.Qubad  Talabani, Dr. Yousif Goran Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Mr. Mahmood Haji Salih Minister of Anfal and Martyrs, Dr. Raza Hassan President of Sulaimani University, and Dr. Alan Faraidun President of Polytechnic University visited Charmo University. They were greeted by Charmo University  Committee. Then, Mr. Qubad Talabani opened the research center for crimes of Anfal and Genocide and stated: I hope this center works on recognizing Kurdish genocide on an international level through activities and scientific research and I hope it becomes an important center in this area. The research center for crimes of Anfal and Genocide is one of the most important projects of Charmo University that has been established and funded by Ministry of Higher Education and scientific research under the supervision of Minister of higher education and Charmo University. The aim of this center is:

1- Collecting all the scientific capacities inside and outside of the university in this center and doing variety of scientific research, for example: (psychology, social, law, politic, economic, history... etc).

2- Working on recognition of Kurdish genocide.

3- Documenting the crimes of Anfal and Genocide that were committed against the Kurdish nation and humanity.

4- Providing Psychological help for the victims of Anfal and Genocide.

5- Organizing and holding meetings, conferences, panels and workshops to better identify the cases of genocide against the kurdish.

6- Releasing magazines and special articles concerning anfal and other crimes.


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An English language course for the Elementary level

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       We all know that  English language is an important language for all kinds of professional and personal goals. Also,there are millions of English speakers across the world. So, considering these reasons The language center of Charmo University has started an English language course for the Elementary level. The course duration is 60 hours and the participants study four days in a week. Also,the text book used in this course is (Face to face -Cambridge). Further, the number of the participants is 12 and 5 of them are teachers and employees of Charmo University. Furthermore, the course is taught by an experienced and qualified teacher. So, the students have made progress and can speak English more confidently. The Language Center will continue on offering new courses for those who are interested in learning English Language.

Opening A new English Language Course

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The language center of charmo University is delighted to announce a new English course. It is clear that English Language is one of the most important language in the world and being proficient in this language opens up many opportunities. Also, the Bologna system is implemented in Charmo University. Thus, the University's plan is to consider %100 English language in all the fields of study. Therefore, the language center of Charmo University offers a new English language learning course for anyone interested in learning this language. The course will be opened by the following schedule:
Date: 2nd january 2019                                                                                    
Days: four days a week
Duration: 60 hours
Place: the research center building

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