Career Development center CDC

Career Development Center CDC 
invited N2N family center to present the 5 love language seminar by Mr Jeff Philips who has MSc in culture and over 40 years of experiences working for NGO in 4 different continents. In the beginning Mr Hawar Fazil gave a short talk announcing and introducing the recently opening CDC, followed by the 5 Love language seminar and Mr Darun's seminar about their experiences as the CDC director of the university of Sulaimani. This activity was very welcomed by a huge number of the students, lecturers and staff.  it is worth to say that, the president of Charmo university (Dr Salah Raza), Vice president (Dr Baram Ahmad) and the dean of the college of public administration and natural resources were attended and supported this activity.

We Care for your Future Career Workshop

posted May 29, 2018, 2:28 PM by Hawar Fazil Esmael   [ updated May 29, 2018, 2:39 PM ]

Career Development center
organized a workshop for the students and staff of the Charmo university on 23rd May 2018. the workshop was started by Mr Hawar's seminar who was introducing the Charmo university CDC. It follows by two seminars by Mr Yadgar Fayaq (lecturer at English department). His seminars were (How to write a successful CV) and (leadership and the power of the teamwork). Not to forget that there was a short talk about the advantages of work as volunteer by Mr Las Luqman. It was gladly attended by a vast number of the students and staff.

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