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posted Sep 1, 2019, 4:16 PM by Ehsan Rashad Faezolla   [ updated Dec 1, 2019, 10:14 AM by Directorate of Information Technology ]

In an attempt to build an educated and strong community, On (15/07/2019) Charmo Center for research and training opened an English course for the martyred and Anfal Kids. Charmo university top students taught the course. Also, the course was free of charge. The participants only paid for the curricula. In addition, in the course, the students were introduced to new vocabularies and expressions. The teachers used innovative methods such painting, games and sport to facilitate the learning and provide an enjoyable and fun environment for the learners. It is worth mentioning this the second time that language center of research center is opening English language course for the children of the anfal and martyred victims.  

Teaching method

Needless to say, the language center teachers gave their lesson in a new style. The teachers brought the material of painting, which included colorful pens, papers, and paints. The instructor asked the kids to paint the stuff they know in English such as animals, birds, things and etc. to motivate the students in participating the activities, the lecturers took part in the activities as well. At the end, the students and teachers spent a nice time and broke the barriers in front of the kids to help them love English language and find joy in learning.


Certificate Giving Ceremony

On (18/08/2019) the language center of Charmo University held a certificate giving ceremony to the participants of the English Language course. The aim of the ceremony was to mark the achievements of the students and celebrate their success. The ceremony began by a speech of Charmo University president Dr.Salah Raza. Another speech was delivered by the dean of the research center Dr. omed Qadr They talked about the importance of English Language nowadays. They also appraised the role of the parents in motivating their kids to learn English language. At the end, the certificates were awarded to the participants.