Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM)

Nanomechanical analysis of large or multiple samples. Measure stiffness, elasticity, indentation, and adhesion according to various models. Intelligent software autonomously deals with demanding samples.
Accomodates height differences of up to 5 mm and force curves with up to 100 µm in Z. Analysis software for easy comparison of large and complex data sets included.
The Flex-ANA Nanosurf system is an automated solution for AFM-based nanomechanical analysis. It has been designed to investigate the properties of nanomechanical materials for instance scaffolds, cells, hydrogels, polymers, and tissues on large samples using force spectroscopy and force mapping in an automated way.

Nanomechanical analysis of large or multiple samples

The combination of a post-processing workflow and straight-forward experimental, selected hardware elements, and thought-through, well-designed control algorithms are hallmarks of the Flex-ANA system. Measurement locations on large or multiple samples which covers sample area with size 32 mm × 32 mm. Up to 5 mm height differences which can be overcome automatically by the system.

Intelligent software autonomously deals with demanding samples

The smart algorithms during experiment, coordinate the movement of the scan head and the motorized XYZ translation stage (32 mm × 32 mm × 5 mm range), which can optionally be equipped with an additional 100-µm Z piezo for an extended spectroscopy range. The sticky and soft samples with size of several millimeters and micrometer scan be easily treated. 

Software for advanced analysis and comparison of large, complex data sets

The Flex-ANA system gives advanced data post-processing and  analysis capabilities, in addition offers conducting automated nanomechanical measurements.